Han Han – Yearning for Freedom

5 01 2012


Yearning for Freedom
As I said in the article before last, everyone wants a different variety of freedom. As I discussed in the last article, democracy and having a legal system are just a process of haggling. Even if everything goes on even lower sale at Christmas, they still won’t be free. So I’ll just start haggling for a better deal..
First off, as a cultural person, I want to seek more freedom in creation during this new year. I’ve never said that this means freedom or that means freedom because these words would fill you with trepidation and wariness. These freedoms have always been written in the constitution, but really, they’ve never been well-implemented. Concerning my friends in the field, everyone in media wants a bit of freedom in press. The press has always been tightly controlled. As for my friends in the movie industry, well, you can’t even begin to comprehend their pain. Everyone in art works like they’re picking through a mine field – hit one and you’re dead. Those who don’t want their guts splattered over the ground take a slow and winding route. These freedoms are the fast pace of this age, and your past undertakings. I know you’ve done your research on the Soviet Communist Party, and you believe that the party’s failure lies in Gorbachev’s opening a few restrictions, and especially in encasing the highest rights in the constitution, shifting power from the party to congress. This has made you especially cautious in talking about freedom and the constitution. But, let me tell you, we are already in a different age. Information systems of the present age have turned the wall screening us from the forbidden into an empty frame. And the limits on culture have prevented China from producing world-worthy literature and films, causing us in the culture business too ashamed to even raise our heads. At the same time, China doesn’t have media influence in the world – many things can’t be bought with money, you know. The prosperity of culture requires less money than anything else; the less it is controlled, the more it will prosper. If you persist in claiming that there is no control over China’s culture, well that’s just a boldfaced lie. So, in the new year, I would like to earnestly request that the authorities lighten up a bit on culture, on news, and on film.

If we can reach this agreement, I will promise with my own lips that, after the cultural sphere receives more freedom: we won’t settle accounts, we will set our gaze forward, we won’t raise other politically sensitive topics, we won’t citizen the families and fortunes of high-level corporate heads, but will only discuss and critique the present surrounding society. If the cultural and political circles can take a step forward, both upholding the bottom line, giving each other greater space, then that would be splendid.

But if the situation hasn’t improved in two or three year, every writing society meeting or big national writing conference will be filled with the rumbles of organized resistance. Attempting to do what lies beyond our power, being of little recognition, holding minimal strength: we can only be like this. Of course, now there’s just me, I don’t have any companions in this, and I don’t incite my readers to action. I also won’t use the path laid before others to add some shine to my own CV. All the same, I believe in the quality of character in this generation, and so I believe that, early or late, it will come – I just hope its arrival will be on the early side. I believe that I can write even better, and I don’t want to wait until frail old age, so please, allow me to start soon.

The above is a personal appeal based on my professional sphere. I think that, in this sphere, people will benefit more in discussion and research by not talking about the shape of the present situation, but rather what we should do. It’s said that one can only make one wish at a time. I’ve used up my wishes; as for everything else like fairness, justice, law, governmental changes, those friends who desire these can use their wish. Although I don’t think freedom is necessarily the first choice of most people, no one desires to live in fear and insecurity. I hope that everyone lacking in funds can gain their money in an environment based on fairness, and that those with money won’t believe that the only thing they have is money, assuming that they still sit one level below all foreigners. I wish that all youth can, just like the man whose birth we just celebrated on Christmas, not dread discussing revolution, reform and democracy. I wish that they will concern themselves with the future of this country, viewing it as part of their flesh and blood. Politics are not dirty; politics are not boring, politics and not dangerous. Dangerous, boring, dirty politics are not true politics. We can’t just let China’s honor rest on traditional medicine, gunpowder, silk and pandas. The wife of a county major buying a hundred LV handbags does not bring honor to the people. I hope that the party in power will take great strides forward, immortalizing itself in the history to be written by yourselves.


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3 01 2012

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